New V-8 XTender (Hybrid XT Slow Down Additive):

Gives working time options and flexibility

Keep it fast, or slow it down – Now it’s up to you!

1 Gallon of XTender Slow Down Additive

Sometimes you want your Hybrid XT fast so that you can quickly get the job done.

Other times, you would give anything for just a few more minutes of working time.

With our new XTender (Hybrid XT Slow Down Additive), you now have the option to adjust the working time of Hybrid XT ON THE JOB SITE! Since XTender is added to Hybrid XT Part B at the time of mixing, you don’t need separate products for different working times.

  • Add up to 20 minutes working time (@75°F 50% humidity)

  • Can vary the % added into the mix to adjust working time (easy to follow mixing chart on labels)

  • Low odor vs. solvents (fruity / sweet smell)

  • 1 Gallon jugs (Added to Hybrid XT Part B at time of mixing)

Larger floor than you’re used to? Crew shorthanded?

With up to 20 extra minutes of working time, using XTender can make the difference in how your floor turns out. Giving you more time to pay attention to all of the details, and making sure all of the steps were completed.

Only want more working time for 1 of your coats?

Is there 1 coat that you expect to take longer and you see yourself struggling with? Want more working time for just that 1 coat, and still a quick dry time for the other coats? You can do that with Hybrid XT simply by adding XTender for the coat that you need the extra working time on. Leave it out and use Hybrid XT as normal for the other coats.

New guy call in again? Temps & humidity higher than expected?

At its low cost per gallon, XTender is worth stocking up in your trailer for those unexpected moments when you need more working time.

What are our Certified V-8 Installers saying about it?:

“It’s a game changer!” – Ken

“With XTender, my smaller crew now has no problem keeping up w/Hybrid XT!” – Dan

“We love it, especially with the high temps and humidity we have had the last few weeks.!” – Matt

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