White Airplane Hangar Floor Coating

V-8’s Solid Color System is one of the most versatile systems in the V-8 High Performance Floor Coatings product line. This industrial strength epoxy resin floor coating system can be installed glass smooth, textured, or self-leveling depending on your facilities flooring needs. Any of our popular 13 pigment decorative epoxy resin flooring colors can be installed as either a gloss finish, satin finish, or a matte finish. V-8’s Solid Color System is designed for medium to heavy mil applications and these concrete coatings can be installed using our Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough), 6.0 High Performance Epoxy (100% Solids), or REV M.V.P. (Moisture Vapor Protection), or a combination of these versatile resins. Our Magnum Urethane Topcoat can also be installed as a high wear topcoat in a gloss, satin, or matte finish.

Looking for a Non-Yellowing White floor with ZERO VOCs? How about a one day solid color decorative resin floor coating installation? 

Look no further! Our Hybrid XT White High Build floor coatings can be installed in one day, will not yellow with UV exposure, can be installed up to 32 mils thick in one coat, and contains no VOCs (or harsh smell during coating installation).

  • Smooth, textured, or self-leveling

  • One Day Installation

  • Installed by Certified, Trained Professionals

  • No VOCs

  • Can be installed down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Unmatched in Appearance

  • Easy to Clean

  • Industrial Strength

  • Will Not Yellow

  • Gloss, satin, or matte finish




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V-8 Non Yellowing White Floor Coating Installations

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Solid Color – Smooth

Solid Color System - Textured

Solid Color – Textured

Solid Color System - Self-Leveling

Solid Color – Self-Level

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