V-8’s Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) resinous floor coating is versatile, durable, long lasting, and simple for our Certified V-8 Installers to install. V-8’s unique hybrid polyaspartic polyurea formulation allows for superior bonding, and one day installations of our 6 floor coating systems.


  • Comes Clear and uses same pigment as other versatile resins
  • Will not yellow – even outside
  • Fast setting – can be installed in 1 day
  • Same resin for 6 systems
  • Same resin for ALL coats
  • No VOCs
  • Can be installed down to 0°F
  • Industrial Strength
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio

Need more working time on your floor coating projects? Check out our XTender Hybrid XT Slow Down Additive. XTender can add up to 20 minutes of working time to Hybrid XT (at 75°F & 50% humidity).