About V-8 High Performance Floor Coatings

Maximum Quality | One Day Install

V-8 HIGH PERFORANCE FLOORS is a tried and proven seamless floor coating product line created by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. V-8 High Performance Floor Coating are strong, durable, and offer longevity, quick installation time, and chemical resistance – delivering a durable and easy to clean floor for years to come! Many applications can be installed in ONE day, walked on in hours, and driven on in 48 hours using V-8’s Hybrid XT resin. All Certified Installers have gone through training through the manufacturer to receive certification in applying V-8 High Performance Floors products & accessories.

EXPERIENCE: Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems originated as an installer of floor coatings and concrete polishing in West Michigan (We have crews installing in commercial, industrial, and educational markets and don’t travel outside of this area). We’ve been in this industry for many years. Our quest for the best products, and dissatisfaction with other products on the market is what led us to develop our V-8 High Performance Floors Product Line. We knew what we wanted, but couldn’t find it. After hiring and working with top chemists we designed a system that we knew would give us the competitive edge. We wanted  floor coatings and a concrete polishing system that were versatile, simple for our crews to use, would lower inventory costs, be installed quickly, and gave our customers durable long lasting floors that met their needs. After installing these systems in many demanding environments, we realized we had something unique, so we brought these coatings to the market, and V-8 High Performance Floors and X-Shine Concrete Polishing System were born.

KNOWLEDGE: What comes along with us being a top floor coating and concrete polishing contractor in West Michigan is a wealth of knowledge. Our crews install all of our products every single day. We have seen many different scenarios in our years of working in commercial, industrial, and educational markets and we can pass along our experiences and advice to you. Xtreme uses our products internally, and they have proven themselves time and time again. We are always looking for new better solutions, and by having crews in the field we are able to try and test many different new things in real world environments. Our Technical Advisors all have years of hands on experience working with our products and are always here to help you with anything big or small.

RELATIONSHIPS: We view relationships as the most important part of our business. Our goal is to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with our Certified V-8 Installers and end-users. We don’t sell our products to just anyone. The installers that we work with can look forward to receiving top-notch technical support, marketing support, superior products, and many other things such as our job cost calculator.


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