White Airplane Hangar Floor Coating

V-8’s industrial strength Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) resinous floor coating can be used to create 6 unique seamless floor coating systems. These systems created using the Hybrid XT resin by Certified V-8 Installers are durable, extremely chemical resistant, easy to clean, can be installed in just one day, have NO VOCs, and will not yellow or discolor with exposure to UV rays. These qualities are what make Hybrid XT floor coating systems the perfect match for airplane hangars. Set your hangar apart by installing several systems. Install a non-yellowing Hybrid XT white floor for where the planes will be parking, a Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System for a decorative yet extremely functional walkway around the perimeter, and a Hybrid XT Platinum Color Pigment System for the bathroom.

  • One Day Installation

  • Installed by Certified, Trained Professionals

  • No VOCs

  • Can be installed down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Unmatched in Appearance

  • Easy to Clean

  • Industrial Strength

  • Will Not Yellow



Vinyl Chip



Solid Color

Mica Chip


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