When it’s time to remodel or update your laundry room, the most common requirement is waterproof flooring. This is completely understandable as utility sink splashes, and moisture from wet laundry and leaking machines can cause laundry room floors to take a beating.

Often, the type of flooring you put in your laundry area varies depending on where it is located in the home.New laundry room flooring

  • Basement – Back in the day, all laundry rooms were consigned to a basement corner. And many of them remain there today. While laundry room plumbing is easy to access in the basement, unfortunately, many basement floors are left unfinished. This can be a real problem when moisture from wet laundry and leaking machines accumulate. Unsealed cement basement floors can absorb moisture and cause mold to begin to grow.
  • Main Floor – Since the 1990s, many homes being built or remodeled have moved the laundry room upstairs to the main floor. Often combined with a back entry or mudroom, the more convenient location also gets significantly more traffic. Muddy shoes and boots can add to the dampness already familiar in the laundry room.
  • Upper Floor – And recently, builders have moved the laundry room upstairs again as they consider where it makes the most sense when designing newer homes. If your laundry room is located on an upper floor nearer to or even inside bedroom closets where clothing is typically stored, water seepage from leaks or overfilled machines could cause damage to your home’s first floor. 

V-8 Solves All These Issues

Moisture from machines and wet laundry (among other things) is the most critical consideration no matter where your laundry room located. Because of this, V-8 High-Performance Floors always recommends our Hybrid XT floor coatings for laundry room no matter where they are located. Impermeable to fluids, the Hybrid XT flooring is resistant to chemicals which means easy cleanup and no staining when detergent or bleach get spilled. The surface is hard yet flexible, saying it’s comfortable to stand on when changing loads or folding clothes. And it’s easy to clean.

Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability. V-8’s Hybrid XT floor coatings are available in hundreds of colors and finishes – full vinyl chip, mica flake, and platinum pigment.

Do you hide your laundry room when visitors stop by? There’s no need to close the laundry room door anymore. Go ahead, with V-8 Hybrid XT flooring. You can show off your beautiful laundry room floors!