This fire station flooring was completed with the textured 60 mil V-8 6.0 High Performance Epoxy System. This robust flooring system from V-8 is extremely tough and can handle everything our first responders throw at it.

This fire station flooring was designed with a focus on safety for the firefighters, as well as anyone visiting the facility. For this reason, multiple colors of 6.0 HP Epoxy were used to safely and clearly mark different areas. First, walking areas were marked with a custom fire engine red epoxy. Second, drivelines for the fire trucks and ambulances were coated with a grey pigmented 6.0 HP Epoxy. Third, safety yellow line striping was installed to clearly mark the border between walking and driving areas. In addition to safety marking, the textured floor coating also offers extra grip to help and avoid slip and falls.

textured fire station flooring
  • Impact Resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • Textured for slip resistance

  • Seamless & easy to clean

  • Safety line striping to mark traffic areas & parking

  • Incorporates multiple colors

  • No VOCs during installation

  • Proven over millions of square feet

Safety marking on fire station floor

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