The first time a person walks through your door before they’ve even been greeted or checked in with a receptionist, an impression is formed. And first ideas are so important.

When was the last time you considered the impression your office or place of business makes? Not just thought about it, but stood just inside the door and looked at it? Do your waiting room chairs have permanent impressions made by previous behinds? Or is the dinge on your windows keeping the sun from shining in?

And finally, what does your flooring look like? If the traffic pattern doesn’t disappear with a good cleaning, then it’s time to call V-8 High-Performance Floors for an update.

Choose Professional Platinum Pigment Hybrid XT Flooring

Platinum flooring for schools

High end in appearance and extra tough when it comes to wear and tear, V-8’s Platinum Pigment floor coating system is ideal for the professional office. When the platinum pigment powder is mixed with V-8’s Hybrid XT coating, the finish is shiny and smooth. Available in more than 50 shades and colors, every Platinum Pigment floor is unique. And installers can add to the design by varying the installation techniques to bring out the distinctive qualities of the pigment.

Your Platinum flooring will look great

The beautifully finished resin floor coating has a hard yet flexible finish. It is scratch and impact resistant, so traffic patterns don’t wear into the flooring. And maintenance of your beautiful new flooring is easy – just sweep regularly to remove dust and debris and mop with a gentle cleanser as needed. No expensive cleaning solutions, no need to wax or polish, and no re-coating is ever required.

Go ahead, wash the windows and let the sun shine in. Your Platinum Pigment flooring is UV-resistant and will never fade or yellow. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with worn out waiting room chairs. But with more than 50 Platinum Pigment colors and shades available, we can match just about any décor. For more information on creating a more professional office environment with our Platinum Pigment Hybrid flooring, contact an expert at V-8 High-Performance Floors today.