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Check out these V-8 High-Performance Floor Coating Installation Videos & More

Tile is out, V-8’s Platinum Color Pigment System is in! Dress up your retail space like this donut shop with a one of a kind easy to clean seamless floor. Our Magnum Urethane Topcoat with high wear matte additive gives added durability, added slip resistance, and a unique matte look.

Knock out serious square footage quickly with V-8’s Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System! Check out this 2,500 square foot job that was completed (4 coats) in 1 day! This floor butted up to an existing floor (4 years old and still looks great!), because Hybrid XT will not yellow over time it is hard to tell the 2 sections apart. Since Hybrid XT has no VOCs the business was able to continue operations as normal.

Check out this “water” inspired Platinum Color Pigments floor coating from the air! This cool perspective gives a great view of the creativity, color, and depth of the decorative seamless floor coating.

Timelapse of an installation of a water inspired V-8 High Performance Floors Platinum Color Pigment epoxy floor coating. This metallic epoxy floor looks like you could dive right in!

Installation in an automotive repair bay of V-8’s 60 mil self-leveling system with Magnum Urethane Topcoat with the optional high wear matte additive. The 60 mil self-leveling system using 6.0 High-Performance Epoxy is available in 13 colors and provides a durable and level industrial strength floor.

Walk through of an installation of a V-8 Platinum Color Pigment floor coating using V-8’s 6.0 High-Performance Epoxy

Showcasing V-8 High-Performance Floors’ Platinum Color Pigment System. This seamless floor coating system is Bold, Beautiful, Unique, Durable, and Seamless (making it easy to clean).

Watch how easy it is to clean this V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System in a garage! This floor sat uncleaned through a winter of Michigan road grime and salt and still cleaned out perfectly with a garden hose and gentle cleaner.

Start to finish time-lapse of an installation of V-8 High-Performance Floors’ Platinum Color Pigment System using 6.0 High-Performance Epoxy. Shows patching, epoxy primer, metallic epoxy application.

Update countertops with a cool granite, quartz or solid color look with 6.0 High-Performance Epoxy