We all appreciate winter turning into spring. We’re more than ready to throw open our doors and windows letting in warm breezes and sunshine. We don’t even consider the damage UV rays can cause to our floors. Yes, our floors.

UV Degradation – It used to be a common problem with anything that was exposed to sunlight. Faded, cracked, discolored, warped, yellowed, and even disintegrated were all terms used to describe the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Even as the stability of synthetic polymers increased – meaning less cracking and disintegration – colors were still affected.

But not any longer.Eliminate yellowing with V-8's UV resistant flooring

At V-8 High Performance Floors, we take pride in our products, not just when they are being sold and installed but year after year when the floors remain in great shape and still look beautiful. This is why we developed our Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) floor coating resin. Our unique formula will not yellow, even when installed outside.

You no longer need to choose between durability and appearance. V-8’s Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) floor coating resin offers both and more.

  • Colorfast – UV resistant flooring doesn’t fade or yellow
  • Durable – UV resistant flooring doesn’t crack or disintegrate with age
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – healthier for your employees & customers and safer for the environment
  • Easy to Maintain – no waxing or additional coating required
  • Simple to Clean – no special cleaning solutions necessary

At V-8 High Performance Floors, we know that quality products and excellent service are all it takes to create loyal customers. We’ve always based our business on these principles. Now, we’re going a step further and developing the best flooring products on the market.

Go ahead, throw the doors and windows open! Yellowing, fading and cracking floors are a thing of the past. V-8’s Hybrid XT UV resistant flooring looks better and lasts longer.