Happiness is a warm puppy.” Charles Schultz

It doesn’t matter whether your pet is a purebred puppy or a full-grown mutt, a cuddly kitty cat or a potbelly pig; we love our pets. But the truth of the matter is pets are hard on floors.

V-8 High Performance Floors to the rescue!

V-8 offers pet proof flooringPuppy training puddles that smell bad and cat litter that gets stuck in floor crevices are no match for V-8’s pet-proof flooring. Durable and easy to clean, V-8 High Performance Floors are a beautiful and affordable alternative to regularly replacing flooring that’s been stained and damaged by your pets. And, because our floors are VOC free, they are safer for your pets (and you) as well.

Compared to carpet and hardwood, which absorb pet accidents and odors, V-8 High Performance Floors are non-porous and have no cracks, crevices, or seams. Doggy day cares, veterinarian offices or family businesses where Fido wanders in and out will all appreciate how easy the occasional (or frequent – whichever the case may be) accident is to clean up with warm water and a mild detergent. Pet hair sweeps up easily, and our beautiful surfaces are scratch resistant too.

Pet-Proof Flooring is Not Just for Businesses Anymore

With over one hundred colors and several finishes to choose from, many homeowners are opting to use pet-proof flooring in their homes as well. V-8’s flooring experts can match your floor to any style home décor or even create a custom design. Whether you’re purchasing your first family pet, you’ve adopted an entire furry family, or you work with animals on daily basis, V-8 pet-proof flooring is the right choice.

You don’t have to choose between a beautiful home and a loving pet, and pet-proof flooring doesn’t have to be boring. V-8 High Performance Floors are both pretty and practical. Contact a V-8 Flooring expert today to find out more about your perfect pet-proof floor.