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aircraft hangarWhen you have to support heavy machinery, vehicles, foot traffic, and planes, extreme durability is a necessity. That’s why aerospace facilities have trusted, and continue to trust, V-8 High Performance Floors. Our industrial strength floor coatings can withstand heavy abuse, yet still look beautiful. If your aircraft hangar client needs a strong floor that also looks nice, then V-8 has the answer.

Hybrid XT Full Chip System

While all our floor coatings will stand the test of time, our Hybrid XT Full Chip System was designed specifically for areas that take a lot of abuse. Featuring many different color and blend options, you can install these floor coatings in a new location with fresh concrete or as an upgrade to existing aircraft hangar flooring and really set yourself apart. They make a great walkway around the perimeter of the floor to give a clear walkway to keep pedestrians out of the way of moving aircraft.

Besides the ease of finding a color to match their space, your clients will also be excited to hear you can install the floor in a short time with no VOCs emitted during the process. Depending on the size of the area, our Hybrid XT floor coating can be installed in one day. Also, it can be installed down to 0°F!

A Satisfied Client

It likely won’t take long for aircraft hangar flooring to start getting dirtied from constant movement of equipment and machines. However, your client can easily keep their new floor clean. They won’t need any special chemical cleaners—a simple cleaning solution can keep the floor looking shiny and new for years to come.

If you have a client who can benefit from V-8 High Performance Floors, then call us today!