You and your client both want a smooth process when it comes to a flooring renovation project. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but to make sure you have the best experience possible, follow the steps below.

flooring renovationHave a Plan and Stick To It (To The Best of Your Ability)

No matter what floor coating project you are tackling, you should always have a plan. Working with your client to put a solid plan in place before you begin allows you to set expectations for both parties. You want them to know exactly what you’ll be doing and the expected time it will take. Additionally, you want to know if they plan to be present while you work or if there will be any other potential disruptions like other trades in your area.

Prepare the Floor for New Coating

Surface preparation is a crucial step in the floor installation process. It is not one to be overlooked. To ensure that proper bond is achieved with the new floor coating, a moisture test will need to be done, and the floor will need to be prepped. The substrate needs to have a good profile for the coating to penetrate and bond to. This is achieved through either diamond grinding the floor with the correct grit diamonds, or shotblasting and then vacuuming the area thoroughly. The scope of the prep work would ideally be covered in the planning phase, but either way, it has to be done to ensure the floor gets installed properly.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service and Follow Up

Throughout the entire planning, preparation, and installation of the floor coating process, you should be delivering outstanding customer service. Upon completion of the project, follow up with the client to find out if they are satisfied and see if there is any other way you can help. Go above and beyond in order to further earn their trust, which can lead to more business for you in the form of referrals or their next flooring project.

In the event that you run into a tricky situation, remember our expert technical advisors can answer any questions you. A poor job can reduce the likelihood of ever receiving any referrals or any repeat business. If you follow the steps above and remember to use our team as a resource, you will give yourself the best opportunity for growth.

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