You’ve probably seen it many times before: in bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, offices, and more.

Floor Discoloration.Floor Discoloration

You might think it is impossible to avoid; that it is the nature of the beast, but that is not true with V-8 High Performance Floors Hybrid XT resin.

Often times floors begin to change color after a long period of use. From all the dirt and dust particles tracked in, bacteria, and potentially harsh chemicals used to clean them, floors can lose their original color and appear more grungy.

In addition, floors that receive sun exposure can begin to yellow from the UV rays.

Using V-8 floors removes those risks, as they are all easy to install, easy to clean, and UV-resistant. There is no yellowing!

They are built to last, retaining their original color throughout the entire time of use.

You can install one of our industrial strength floors in one day or less, and do so without any VOCs or smells leaking into the air. This means the building doesn’t have to be cleared out and can still be used in other areas, which clients will love.

Shortly after completion, people can go right back to walking on the floor again.

The best part for the clients is that there are no grout lines to clean. V-8 High Performance Floors are seamless, and non porous, making them extremely easy to clean.

They don’t need any special cleaning solution. They don’t need to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing away the grime. With a regular mopping, the floor will continue to look brand new, even after a couple years of everyday wear and tear.

Whatever the project, you can be sure that any of the V-8 flooring options will allow you to deliver an outstanding product in just a short amount of time.

Forget about all that yellowing—go V-8 Hybrid XT and leave your customers amazed at how long they can keep their floors looking brand new.

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