It’s a chilly Saturday afternoon in the Fall. Two roommates return to their dorm room after watching their football team beat up on the rival school.dorm room flooring They step into the room, kick off their shoes, and toss their jackets on a pile of clothes that has grown large enough to function as an end table. Scattered around the room are leftovers from the past week, old pieces of homework, and laundry they’ve been meaning to take care of.

This scene pretty much represents how their room will look the entire year, as they are free from any parental pestering to pick up.

Dorm room flooring can take a pretty heavy beating throughout the school year. Not just from the dust, dirt, and bacteria that spreads from messiness, but also in the form of stomping, dancing, and jumping.


This presents a couple problems:

1) The buildup from bacteria and dirt particles can potentially spread and cause sickness, and create nightmares for the cleaning crew who come in during the summer.

2) Weak flooring can crack and become unstable, which can cost schools more money to replace it more often.


The V-8 Solution

Our Hybrid XT Full Chip Vinyl System is perfect for dorm room flooring, as it is sturdy enough to take regular pounding, but easy enough to clean that even students could mop it up in just a short period of time.

In the event that students don’t care for cleanliness, their year-long abuse won’t cause any permanent issues that maintenance can’t come through and clean. No grout lines and no carpet means no dirt getting stuck and requiring any deep cleansing.

Additionally, our vinyl cove base is available to seal the coating up four inches of the wall. This provides an additional ease of cleaning, as someone can transition from cleaning the floor to the cove base without having to mix a new cleaning solution.

With over one hundred vinyl chip colors to choose from, you will have no problem finding one that matches whatever school you work with.

Easy to install and easy to clean, our Hybrid XT Full Chip Vinyl System creates a win-win for you and the schools looking for new dorm room flooring.

For more information regarding our flooring systems and how we can help you, give us a call today.