“No running by the pool!”pool deck flooring

A phrase you’ve heard yelled out many times by concerned mothers, lifeguards, and others while at the pool. And for good reason.

Unfortunately, kids don’t always listen or do what they’re told. And when pool deck flooring gets wet, people can slip, fall and sometimes even sustain injuries.
To prevent accidents, people will look into non-slip options, but often they don’t fit in well with the look and feel of the pool area. You want your clients impressed by the look of the pool deck flooring, but you don’t want to sacrifice safety for aesthetic pleasure.

That’s where our Hybrid XT Quartz Broadcast System comes in. It allows you to provide both a great looking deck AND non-slip functionality, to help prevent those dangerous falls.

Water builds up on more than just pool decks though. Even after a towel dry, people bring water back into the locker rooms with them, which creates an additional hazard zone if the floor gets wet. For this reason, the Hybrid Quartz Double Broadcast System also works great in locker rooms.

What You Get:

Featuring fine, color-coated quartz granules, which are about the size of grains of sand, our floors give a nice textured look that is UV-resistant, meaning no amount of sun will cause any yellowing of the deck. With all the different color options, you are sure to find one that matches your customers’ needs.

They’re simple to install, as they take less than a day to put in and are free of any VOCs.

After installation, cleaning and upkeep are a breeze, as there are no grout lines to clean and no special methods needed to keep it looking brand new. With a simple basic cleaning solution, the pool deck can keep a shiny and new look to it, regardless of how much water, dirt, and bacteria are tracked on it each day.

People want a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain floor. The Hybrid Quartz Double Broadcast delivers just that. It looks good and helps prevent any slippery mishaps, keeping your clients safe and happy.