School is back in session. A continual shuffling of feet sounds as kids scramble across the hallway flooring, trying to make it to class on time. Throughout the year, spills, litter, running and stomping will wear down the floors, which means schools need to stay on top of cleaning and repairs.

Floors are built to take a heavy beating, especially in schools, but not all are made the same. hallway flooring

You can find anything from commercial carpet to tile flooring in school halls today, but are they built to last?

Commercial carpet looks good, but it is not without its challenges. Because of the way it is designed, it holds a lot more dirt than expected. While a regular vacuuming can remove the larger surface particles, smaller pieces still build up underneath and inside the fibers of the carpet, causing discoloration and permanent damage.

As another option, some schools choose tile flooring. VCT requires constant waxing and upkeep. Tile with grout lines can be extremely hard to keep clean.

You know schools need tough and easy to clean hallway flooring and they know it too, but what will actually last them a long time, without having to invest in new flooring every other year?

V8’s Hybrid XT Full Chip Floor Coating.

Our Hybrid XT full chip floors, both vinyl and mica, are similar to epoxy in that they are heat and chemical resistant, but they also add UV ray protection.

The difference between the vinyl and mica comes down to the look of the floor. The vinyl chips, when combined with the Hybrid XT coating, create a decorative option that offers enough colors that you can match your existing decor. When the mica chips are used, it creates a look of granite, shining and glimmering in the light.

Regardless of style, they both take only one day to install, which means even though summer is over, schools don’t have to wait until next year for new flooring. Even as classes progress into the winter, the Hybrid XT Floor Coating can still be installed, as it can be applied in temperatures all the way down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Hybrid XT coating features a polyuria / polyaspartic mix, with fast-drying qualities included to make the installation process quick and seamless.

It is a no-smell and VOC-free option that makes your job easier and safer, and keeps students and faculty happy with no interruptions.

With our Hybrid XT Floor Coating, you can confidently go into a school and update their hallway flooring with the assurance that they will receive an excellent, long-lasting floor.

Contact us today for more information about our Hybrid XT Full Chip options and how you can benefit from using them.