Prior to recommending a new floor coating solution to any customer, a resinous flooring contractor must follow a few steps to ensure the floor restoration goes smoothly. Without a thorough plan, many things could go wrong, resulting in a waste of time and money both for the contractor and the customer. It is key to have open communication with the customer and go over these three items to guarantee a painless installation.

1. Assess The Current Floorsfloor restoration
Before you make any commitment to floor restoration or renovation, you must evaluate the current flooring situation. Guarantee that they are in good enough condition for a coating, and recognize when floor preparation tactics are necessary.  If the existing floor has a coating, that will likely need to be removed. If it is existing concrete, diamond grinding or other surface prep is necessary to ensure the floor is ready for the coating.

2. Be Honest With Client Expectations
At this pre-planning stage, is it also necessary to discuss the customer’s wants, and make sure they are attainable. If there is a miscommunication about what you are able to accomplish from the beginning, you are just setting yourself up for problems down the road. Make sure you clearly understand their expectations, time frame and cost. Work with the customer to meet an agreement on these items before installation begins. The last thing you want is to be halfway through the project and realize you are way over the client’s budget.

3. Create A Strong Proposal And Discuss Clearly
Once the floors have been assessed, you’ve understood the client’s expectations, there is one more step necessary before you begin working on installing the floor coating. You must write a strong proposal and clearly discuss it with the client. This is key to ensuring there are no communication breakdowns once the floor installation begins. Make sure the proposal makes sense both on paper and in person, and be sure to meet with thee client to answer any of their questions.

Remember, a job that does not go well may not only cause you to lose money with that customer, but also down the line. A botched job will likely reduce your chance of referrals, and an upset customer may turn to the internet to complain. The key to building a successful business is working carefully with your customers to ensure their happiness, so follow these tips and you’ll do just that.