If you really want to make a statement with your new floors, look no further than our platinum pigment powder suspended in our V-8 High Performance Floors seamless floor coating. This powder creates a rich and vibrant floor, with intense color that is unmatched by staining or other flooring options. The platinum powder is mixed with our resinous floor coating for industrial strength, durability, and clean ability.

pigment powderThese floors come in over four dozen color options, plus the ability to combine two colors for a marbled look. The color combinations can create everything from a whimsical floor to a dramatic tone. No matter the room, the perfect color scheme exists!

The result is a shiny, metallic floor with unique qualities. Installers can add to the design by utilizing different techniques for say a crater look, or a smooth look. Take note that the designs shown online, in print, or as a sample, cannot be re-created 100% as each installation is unique.  Mimic the look of natural stone, or use a bold blue or orange for a beautiful statement.

Consider installing these floors in a children’s bedroom with their favorite bright color to add a playful feel. In a basement, rec room, or man cave, try a combination to match your favorite sports team. And for hallways and wet bars, choose something to make a dramatic first impression. This coating can even be used on countertops, a perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms, break rooms, and more.

Like all traditional V8 Full Vinyl Chip system coatings, the platinum pigment floors are durable, easy to install, and UV resistant. They will not yellow or crack over time, which is key to retaining their beautiful color. These floors are also easy to clean, so no matter what gets spilled on them, they’ll look good as new.

No matter what type of space; industrial, residential, or commercial, add some beauty with our Platinum powder pigment. Their stunning look will impress any guest or customer for years to come.