Auto shops are highly prone to spills and stains, quickly turning beautiful new floors to a dirty, splotchy mess. And as much as you may try to clean them, some stains will soak down in the new floors, rendering them permanent. V8 resinous floor coatings, however, are durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant, making them a mechanic’s dream floor.
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Many auto shops settle for simple concrete flooring. While this may seem like a fine solution, after not much time, the floor will be stained, chipped, and show other signs of wear and tear. Concrete can easily be eroded due to water, heavy machinery, and daily traffic. V8 High Performance Floors are industrial strength, and designed to withstand even the busiest auto shop traffic.

V8 Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) floors have incredibly high chemical resistance. For most chemicals, including gasoline and motor oil, little or no visible damage will appear on the floors after a spill. And to avoid the “little” visible damage, clean up immediately.

These floors are UV resistant and will not yellow, making them attractive to auto shop customers for many years. These floors are easy to clean, and do not need to be waxed or buffed to retain their shine. Show off your custom cars in the auto shop with a sparkling, shiny floor that matches the flashy car exterior. If you perform great work on your cars, don’t you want floors that match your professionalism?

Other resinous floor coatings are slow to install and require a long waiting period before equipment can be restored. V8 Hybrid Full Chip Vinyl System flooring can be installed in just one day, and is ready to get back to work only 24 hours later! The floor does not release any VOCs, so employees can stay in the building – key for mechanics who need to meet deadlines. Many auto shops are open air, making new floors in winter an impossible feat. But the Hybrid XT floors can be installed down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so beautiful flooring is possible any time of year.

Upgrade your auto shop with V8 Hybrid XT floor coatings. The sparkling floors are incredibly durable and incredibly beautiful, a perfect match for your busy auto shop.