As homeowners with basements know, the concrete floor can be an issue.  Concrete moisture can greatly affect the entire basement, especially the flooring.  Over time, water vapor can cause big issues, if initial steps are not taken to protect the floors.

Water vapor from the floor can make rooms more humid, which can be a concern with new tighter home construction. In extreme cases, when you started with wet concrete or when the ground beneath the slab is very wet, the floor can actually be damp and slick and moisture will condense beneath objects placed on the slab. Wet floors can also promote mold growth.
concrete moisture
The biggest issue one can run into is installing an impermeable floor over the concrete. If there is too much moisture in the concrete, and an impermeable layer is placed over it the moisture migration can delaminate the coating (sealer) or overlay. since the dampness and high alkalinity will lead to mold, emulsified adhesives, and warped flooring. The last thing any homeowner wants to discover is that their new, expensive basement flooring needs to be replaced due to concrete moisture.

Depending on how bad the problem is, a possible solution to this problem is V8 High Performance Floors new Rev M.V.P. (Moisture Vapor Protection). V-8 Rev M.V.P. is a fast dry two part, 100% solids epoxy moisture vapor protection product. It is formulated to reduce and protect against moisture vapor that is formed in either green or old concrete during mixing. By starting with this moisture resistant flooring, warped flooring is a thing of the past.

This coating can be applied to concrete a mere 24 hours after it was initially laid. Eliminate the typical 28 day cure period of concrete before applying an epoxy, hybrid coating, carpet, vct, tile, or hardwood by using V-8 Rev M.V.P.. M.V.P. is designed to reduce a moisture vapor emission rate of 20 pounds to under 4 pounds as per the Calcium Chloride Test.

A moisture test should always be done before installing REV M.V.P.. An acceptable moisture reading at the time before applying the coating does not guarantee that after it is applied it won’t jump above the manufacturer’s recommended specs. If it is a serious moisture problem, further waterproofing and moisture remediation may be needed before applying REV M.V.P..

This flooring is perfect for basements, and also garage floors, mud rooms, and porches. It has a high chemical resistance, low odor, and high UV resistance. This high-gloss flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Don’t replace your floors years or months after installation, start with a high quality product that will keep them looking great.