As a contractor, the last thing you want is customers to have issues with your floors. Nonslip flooring is critical in buildings both commercial and residential, including hospitals. Consider adding these floors to areas that are sometimes wet, sloping surfaces, areas where manual handling tasks are performed, and areas that are subject to heavy wear and tear.
non slip floor coating
V8 High Performance Floor Coatings’ Quartz Double Broadcast Systems offers incredible traction. The double quartz broadcast system is made with colored quartz, which creates a textured surface that helps prevent slips and falls.  This eliminates any liability for building owners, residents and employees, and customers. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen then coming up with a non-slip solution, like faulty mats, the best way to avoid falls is to start with a durable non-slip floor.

Colored quartz provides a good amount of slip resistance and adds a decorative element to the flooring system. The small, sand-sized particles are perfect for a slip-proof surface that is still attractive. These granules are colorful and come in a variety of blends to suit your preference, and can even be installed in different patterns! In colors ranging from natural to bold, you can find the perfect style for any building type.  For hospitals, use quartz that is white and clean to make your existing décor. For an indoor pool, use blue to mimic the color of the ocean, or use a fun color to spruce up the space.

Enjoy an industrial strength floor that is UV resistant, has no smell, and can be installed in one day. With just a simple cleaning solution the quartz system floors will be sparkling and look as good as new. These floors are very easy to install, and are perfect for any coverage area, both big and small. The V-8 hybrid non slip floor coating is great in a hospital, restaurant, garage, laundry room, indoor or outdoor pool, and numerous other spaces! Avoid issues by installing nonslip flooring – both the contractor and the customer will be happy for years to come.