As commercial spaces that deal with animals know, claws can cause serious damage to floors. One of the greatest challenges is finding durable animal flooring that withstands messes and scratches, while still being safe for animals and humans. The V-8 hybrid floors are perfect for veterinary clinics, zoo facilities, pet shelters, and boarding spaces as well as homes. Treat your furry friends to a great floor, that also looks beautiful to humans!

animal flooringThe click-clacking of little paws is some people’s favorite sound – but is not a favorite of floors. Years of animal claws can cause scratches and divots in most flooring, requiring floors to frequently be replaced. Add that to spills from food, water, fecal matter, and other animal messes, and you’ve got a flooring disaster. Luckily, V-8 hybrid floors have industrial-strength durability, and easily stand up to pet-related damage. The vinyl chip system will not crack under pressure, and the chips easily hide any inconsistencies.

When a spill does occur, these floors are extremely easy to clean. With no grout lines, a simple cleaning solution and a mop is all it takes to get them sparkling. Bacteria can’t lurk in any crevices, and you can install a V-cove to cover up to 4 inches of the wall for extra coverage. Grooming salons and boarding facilities will love how easy it is to keep things tidy.

VOCs can be equally dangerous to animals as they are to humans, and should be avoided. For the safety of our clients (and their pets), V-8 hybrid floors do not release VOCs, making them safe for all. People and animals can even stay in the building while the floors are installed, eliminating any inconvenience of installing new floors.  The Vinyl chip system can be installed in under a day, and can be walked on hours after completion.

The vinyl chip floors come in a wide variety of colors, perfect for a whimsical grooming center or a sophisticated veterinary hospital. Try a combination of colors to create a pattern! With dozens of color options to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Man’s best friend will love walking on the V-8 hybrid floors, which are softer on paws than traditional linoleum or hardwood floors. Pet owners will love them too, for their durability, easy of cleaning, and beautiful appearance. For any residential or commercial building with animals, V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip system is the best option out there.