Before any installation of new hybrid floors can begin, a few steps must be taken to guarantee the existing floor is prepped. Surface preparation is key to a smooth installation and a long-lasting floor. If any fault is left in the cement, the floors will not be able to lay properly, resulting in a weak floor that will likely need to be replaced. This can be expensive for the client and the contractor, costing valuable time for the construction team as well as the building employees who may be inconvenienced.

surface preparationIf you are unfamiliar with surface preparation, there are a few common techniques that will get the existing floor ready for sparkling new hybrid floors!

There are many ways to prepare a surface. One popular option is diamond grinding. Diamond grinding uses closely spaced diamond saw blades to remove a thin layer at the surface of hardened concrete. The uncut concrete between each saw cut breaks off, leaving a level surface.

A simple floor cleaning or dust collection is also recommended. This helps to reduce airborne dust for a cleaner, safer work environment and easy installation.

If the floor already has an existing resin or epoxy flooring, shot blasting removes old floor coatings without damaging the concrete surface. It is also used on new concrete to clean and roughen for maximum flooring adhesion.

An acid wash is an older technology that is used to neutralize concrete. Concrete is an alkaline material and by acid etching, the floor is neutralized. This ensures the V-8 hybrid floors will bond correctly to the concrete.

Some contractors may rush through the installation of resin, and neglect to grind down the existing floors. This is a huge mistake, and may require a replacement of the floors later on. This results in a huge waste of money, time, labor, and loss of trust from the client. Prepping the concrete with a combination of the above solutions is the best way to guarantee the floors are installed properly.

Once the floor is prepared properly, the V-8 hybrid floors are ready to go! With those few extra steps, a sparkling floor is guaranteed to last for years to come, looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.