Garages can be messy places. With motor oil, old paint, melted snow in the winter, and water fights in the summer, the slick floors can become downright dangerous. Consider installing V-8 Hybrid Double Broadcast Quartz System in a garage for a gorgeous, non-slip floor! Reduce falls while still enjoying a durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting floor.

Hybrid Double Broadcast Quartz systemThe V-8 Hybrid Double Broadcast Quartz system is made of a combination of hybrid coating and decorative quartz aggregate. Fine color-coated quartz granules are similar in size to grains of sand; they achieve a textured, non-slip surface that is essential in areas that are often damp such as pool decks, and garages.

This floor is perfect for garages because it is industrial strength, meaning it can stand the test of weight, time, and wear and tear. Despite years of use by cars and trucks, this floor will look as beautiful as the day it was installed. The V-8 Hybrid Double Broadcast Quartz System is also UV-resistant, so it will not yellow despite exposure to the sun. The floor will also not yellow or retain spills from oil or other chemicals. For a truly spill-resistant floor, upgrade from cement to V-8 Hybrid Xt Quartz seamless floors.

These floors can even be installed down to 0°F, so you don’t have to wait until spring for beautiful new floors! Easy to install, the coating will be ready for weight in just 24 hours! Plus, there are no VOC’s, making it safe for people to stay in the garage and surround building throughout installation.

The Quartz Double Broadcast System is particularly beautiful, and comes in a dozen different color options. From bold oranges to subtle greys, find the perfect shade for any garage. Whether it’s a residential garage or a big auto shop, everyone needs a little sprucing up with some stylish flooring.

Despite the slip-proof texture, this floor is still easy to clean. With no grout-lines, and being non porous, this floor can be hosed or power washed! A simple cleaning solution is all you need to keep these floors looking like new. This is a perfect for feature for large auto garages with little time to keep floors clean due to constant spills and dirty cars. If you are looking for an easier floor to clean, check out our Vinyl Chip System.

Any garage would be lucky to have new V-8 Hybrid Double Broadcast Quartz System floors installed. The industrial strength durability paired with the strong colors makes it an unparalleled option both for commercial and residential spaces.