On a busy construction site, things can get overwhelming. Anything that makes the process simpler is a blessing to the crew and the contractor. One of the biggest issues crews can incur with flooring is an incorrect mixing ratio. When materials are mixed improperly, it can become a hazard for the floors – and the project’s bottom line.

mixing ratiosSay a contractor is installing floors in an office building. Each type of room required different types of flooring, and thus different mixing ratios. In the rush to complete all the floors on time, the contractor becomes confused and after mixing gallons of the expensive resin for each room, the team realizes it had been created incorrectly.

When there are mixing mistakes, the materials do not bond correctly and it creates a weak surface that does not stand up over time. If they didn’t realized before installing the floors, it could result in a costly and long removal and re-installation process. Even if only one part of the floor had the wrong mixing ratio, it would still need to be replaced. When companies take the time to install new floors, they want a product that will last, not something that has to be repaired only a few years later due to mistakes by the contractor. And in comes V-8 Hybrid floors with an easy 1:1 mixing ratio.

V-8 Hybrid floors practically eliminating mixing mistakes and potential errors. This simple 1:1 mixing ratio is easy to remember and easy to put into practice – no complicated measuring or math.

Every single V-8 Hybrid floor, whether quartz, mica, or vinyl chip, has a 1:1 ratio.  One building may have a variety of different types of floors, but with the same mixing ratio for all, the margin of error is much lower.

Don’t waste time or product. Make the installation process simpler with beautiful, durable V-8 Hybrid floors.