Strength is important in a gym, not only for those who exercise, but the floors must also do some heavy lifting. Whether it’s a home gym, a school, or a commercial gym space, floors are important. They need to be durable, stylish, and allow people to perform at their best.

V8 hybrid floors are perfect for every area of a gym. Place these floors in a group exercise room, under weight lifting equipment, and even in locker rooms. The non-slip Quartz coating option is ideal around lap pools, spas, and near water fountains.  No matter the gym, you can find the best flooring option for your space.
gym flooring

Fitness equipment can be very heavy, and paired with people dropping weights, slamming medicine balls and putting other wear and tear on the floors. Other flooring options will crack under the pressure, but not V8 hybrid floors. This durable coating is industrial strength, UV-resistant, and will not crack or yellow over time. These floors are built to last for years, under all kinds of pressure.

Gyms can be dirty places, with all the sweat, bodies, and bacteria. The floors need to be easy to clean and stay sparkling, which is simple with V8 hybrid floors. With no grout lines to clean, all it takes is a basic cleaning solution to disinfect the naturally shiny floors. Germs have nowhere to hide in this gym flooring.

Depending on where you wish to install the floors, there may be different requirements for appearance. Yoga rooms and spa areas need soothing and relaxing colored floors, while weight-lifting rooms need fun, exciting floors to keep up the energy! Whether you select vinyl chip, mica flakes, or platinum pigment, there are hundreds of color options for your floors. They can even be installed in a pattern or design to designate different areas or to turn your floors into a work of art.

For a high-performance workout, you need high performing floors. Don’t sacrifice style to get floors that last! These floors are durable, easy to maintain, and allow for a great workout. Install these rooms in any gym room for instant beauty and professionalism.