Diamond Grinding, what it is and why you need to do it next installation.

Once you’ve got your new floors picked out, you may want to rush into installation. Don’t do it! There is still one important step – surface preparation. . Most concrete floors are full of cracks and imperfections that need to be smoothed before laying down new floors. Surface preparation is to flooring what primer is to painting a wall. Sure, you could paint without it, but the product would not be nearly as beautiful as expected. Prepping the floors first with diamond grinding is the best way to guarantee your V-8 High Performance Floors are installed properly.

Diamond grinding is a concrete preparation technique that corrects irregularities such as faulting and roughness on concrete. It also removes efflorescence, and opens up the concrete to allow the floor coating to penetrate and create a solid bond. Grinding concrete ensures that any previous sealers or coatings are removed. Diamond grinding uses closely spaced diamond blades to remove a thin layer at the surface of hardened concrete. The uncut concrete between each blade cut breaks off, leaving a level surface.

diamond grindingThis is key for floors in warehouses, garages, and other areas with cement floors.  Surface irregularities are a natural occurrence on concrete due to heavy traffic and general use. If floors are not smoothed down prior to floor installation, major issues can occur.

Diamond grinding makes floors much safer as well. It provides a smooth riding surface, which is key when you need to drive cars or other equipment over the floor. This repair technique provides a smooth surface which is often as good as new pavement.

There are other helpful floor preparation techniques, including a simple floor cleaning or dust collection. This helps to reduce airborne dust and particulate for a cleaner, safer work environment and easy installation. Shot blasting removes old floor coatings without damaging the concrete surface. It is also used on new concrete to clean and roughen for maximum flooring adhesion.

Patching of any cracks and divots is also critical. Our Fast Patch material is a fast setting epoxy that can be used to repair any cracks or imperfections and then ground smooth.

If you skip diamond grinding and rush right to installing the hybrid floors, the resin will not bond properly. Even with a perfect installation, the cracks and the flaws in the concrete will cause the floor to uneven, and cracks and bumps will be visible. When this happens, the floor is weakened significantly and will often require a replacement much sooner.  This results in a huge waste of money, time, labor, and loss of trust from the client. Prepping the concrete with diamond grinding is the best way to guarantee the floors are installed properly.