Restaurant owners know finding the best restaurant flooring can be a challenge. As a sign of cleanliness and quality, customers often look to the floors.  Both the kitchen and the dining room require durable floors that are still attractive. Despite heavy traffic, hot temperatures, and strong disinfectants, V-8 Hybrid XT floors can take the abuse.

Restaurant kitchens are messy places, with oils, ingredients, and bacteria-laden foods often being spilled on the floor. V-8 Hybrid XT floor coatings are easy to clean, with no grout lines to scrub or waxing necessary to keep floors shiny.  These retail floors are durable and can withstand tough chemicals and disinfectants in the kitchen or dining area.

Restaurant FlooringDespite heavy equipment in the kitchen, like ovens and refrigerators, V8 floors will still look beautiful. The UV-resistant coating keeps the floors from yellowing over time, and the durable bond means they’ll stay beautiful and hold up to the abuse. High traffic areas can be tough on floors, but not on Hybrid XT vinyl chip flooring.

Restaurants often operate on low margins, which means having to close the facility to install new floors can be a big hassle. However, V8 Hybrid XT floors can be installed in only one day, and can sometimes handle traffic within four hours! If set up right, they can be installed in off hours and back in service the next day. These floors release no VOCs or smell, so employees and customers can stay in the building throughout installation.

For an attractive look, install V-8’s Platinum Color Pigment System floors using either our Hybrid XT or 6.0 High performance Epoxy. The platinum floors come in over 45 different colors, and each installation is unique due to the nature of the powder. Installers can use different colors to create patterns and designs on the floors. Platinum floor coatings make a stunning statement in a variety of rooms, whether industrial, residential, or commercial. In a fun sports bar or themed restaurant, use floor colors to coordinate with your logo. Or, in a more sophisticated setting, natural greys and browns achieve that five-star look.

As an added bonus, some restaurants may consider a non-slip coating in their establishment. Restaurants and bars are prone to frequent spills, which can make floors slippery and cause employees and customers alike to slip and fall.  Avoid issues and injury by installing a non-slip floor coating through the facility, such as ramps and near bathroom doors.

There’s no better choice for restaurant or bar flooring than V-8 High Performance Floors. Easy to clean, easy to install, and beautiful to look at, customers will be drawn to this quality retail flooring.