When it comes to choosing a commercial flooring option, it can be difficult to decide between V-8 Hybrid Floor Coatings and Epoxy Flooring. Many contractors may struggle to determine which is best. Both V-8 Hybrid Floors and Epoxy are great for commercial, industrial, and residential flooring applications, for different reasons.

Epoxy floor coating is produced when specific chemical hardeners and resins are combined, and is likened to super hard plastics.  Epoxy floor coating is able to resist heat, acids, salts, and other types of chemicals. Though these floors are strong, there is no such thing as a UV-resistant epoxy. The sun’s Ultra Violet rays will turn epoxy yellow and any exposed floor will “amber” (turn yellow).
epoxy flooring
V-8 Hybrid Flooring is a unique formula that is made locally and is extremely durable, flexible, and high in chemical resistance. It does not release VOC’s and does not smell, which is key for a safe installation. It is very easy to clean and requires little upkeep, as it is UV-resistant.

Epoxy floor coating takes multiple days to install, while V-8 Hybrid floors only require one day, and can often handle foot traffic after only 4 hours.   The Hybrid coating, which is a polyurea/polyaspartic hybrid, has fast-drying qualities that help the installation process be quick and convenient.  V-8 Hybrid floors are also incredibly durable, and able to withstand years of weight and traffic.

Other factors in installation can be the temperature in the building. V-8 High Performance floors can be installed at a temperature as low as 0°F making it ideal for contractors that deal with harsh winter climates to still get a floor installed in one day. It also has a higher temperature installation range than epoxy floor coating, making it a great option for warmer climates.

V-8 Hybrid flooring may be more expensive than Epoxy floors, but it lasts much longer. Immediately after installation, the two floors may look identical.  The real testament is looking at the product five years down the road, when epoxy floors may have cracked, peeled, or even yellowed.  V-8 Hybrid flooring, however, looks as good as the day it was installed, an investment that is well worth it.  This is why V-8 Hybrid flooring is the best choice for commercial, industrial, and residential establishments.