In this day and age, life moves quickly. People expect projects to be done yesterday, and are constantly moving on to the next thing. In this fast-moving atmosphere, no one has time to wait for floors to be installed. Businesses need to keep the doors open, and can’t afford to shut down for days at a time. This is why one-day installation is key when it comes to industrial and commercial floor coatings.
One-Day Installation
Many other flooring companies take many days to install flooring, and require even more time before equipment can be moved back in place. This can result in a full week of waiting for new floors to be completed — a costly and inefficient way of doing business. V-8 Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) resinous flooring only takes one day to install, and is ready to bare weight the next day. Whether it is machinery or shelves, everything will be back in order sooner rather than later.

Having to wait for installation is time consuming and costly, both for the contractor and the business owner. Fast-installing floors mean contractors can do more jobs in a week, and leave customers happy that they have new floors in only a day. This minimizes labor costs and makes for very efficient business.

These floors do not release odors or VOCs, so employees can stay in the building to complete work while the floors are being installed.  Contractor and customer safety is high priority, and these floors do not present risk from odors. It may cause one day of inconvenience, but that is much better than a full week.

One-day installation is a “must-have” in 2016. Customers need it, contractors prefer it, and everyone will be happy. All V-8 flooring, including full chip vinyl, full chip mica, platinum color pigment, and double broadcast quartz, can be installed in just one day using our Hybrid XT resin. No matter if it’s a residential, commercial, or educational facility, the floors will be installed quickly and safely.