Material PreparationYou don’t have time run around looking for a tool that you swear was just there!? Prepping your work space and tools makes your job easier!

When preparing your materials to install flooring, a keen eye for detail is necessary. Having an organized set-up makes the installation a breeze, and ensures that everything will go smoothly. When you are able to easily locate your materials, you are more efficiently and stress-free.

Having a great structure helps save you time and money, and makes everyone more relaxed. Whether this is your first time installing resinous flooring, or 101st, follow these tips for a successful material preparation.

Create a Staging Space

First, create an organized staging area, a designated spot for all vehicles, supplies, floor preparation equipment, and floor coating materials. It’s important to identify all construction staging areas on the plans and make sure the areas are approved by the permitting authority. During material preparation, remember to delineate the staging area with fencing and post a sign identifying the area as the staging area to keep other trades out.

Take Inventory

Taking accurate inventory of supplies is necessary for an organized workplace. Triple count during material preparation if necessary and keep track of any broken materials or items that need to be replaced. Make sure that you have enough V-8 Hybrid XT or V-8 6.0 Epoxy to fully coat the floor area. You can double check that you have right amount of resin by using V-8 High Performance Floors job calculator after you’ve become a certified contractor. You will also want to make sure that you have the proper amount of pigment and vinyl chips, platinum pigment, quartz, or mica chips depending on what floor system you are installing. Consumables are also a must. There is nothing worse than showing up to a job site and realizing that you don’t have enough roller covers or spiked shoes. You can purchase more consumables directly through Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, usually at a lower rate than most stores. Taking a thorough count during material preparation ensures there are no surprises during installation.

Make a Plan

When preparing your materials, it is important to separate by product or stage. Make sure the materials you need first are close at hand, and that it is easy to find the things you need in a chronological order. There’s nothing like needing a material quickly and realizing it’s in the back of the truck with the third stage materials.

Stay Safe

During the project, it is crucial that the crew and employees remain in safe and dry areas. Safety of all parties is the number one priority. Make sure everyone is aware of what areas are unsafe, which is best done with signs or fencing. Your crew should also follow all of the rules of the area whether that be wearing hard hats, safety vests, steel toed shoes, eye protection, etc.

Follow these tips for organizing your materials and you site will always run smoothly!