Diamond grindingDiamond grinding is necessary before applying a new flooring application. Diamond grinding corrects a variety of surface imperfections on the concrete. If you are using a coating whether it be a polyaspartic, an epoxy, or something in between it is absolutely necessary to diamond grind the surface. Proper concrete preparation is the most important step in the coating process. If a surface isn’t prepared properly even the best floor coatings will fail.

Many contractors use an acid to etch and clean the floors instead of diamond grinding because it is cheaper. This is not a good alternative to diamond grinding. The first reason is that acid etching uses water. The surface must be completely dry before coating. The other reason is that acids have to be completely neutralized and the floor must be tested afterwards to ensure that the floor has a neutral pH level. Many times this step is skipped and the floor is too acidic for a coating to achieve a proper bond.

Diamond grinding uses closely spaced 30 or 60 grit diamond cutter blades to remove a thin layer at the surface of hardened concrete. The uncut concrete between each saw cut breaks off, leaving a level surface. 

Surface irregularity occurs naturally over time, with years of weight and traffic taking a toll on the concrete. Diamond grinding eliminates this irregularity, and creates smooth floors that are easy to drive on.

Diamond grinding is to flooring what primer is to painting a wall. Sure, you could paint without it, but the product would not be nearly as beautiful or last. Prepping the floors first is the best way to guarantee your V-8 hybrid floors are installed properly.

This process is necessary to create a level surface when laying an epoxy or V-8 Hybrid Floor. Without this important step, the floor could be filled with patches and cracks. Diamond grinding ensures your floors will be beautiful for years to come and that you won’t have to pay for any expensive repairs down the road.

Diamond grinding not only leaves a level surface, but it also creates a flooring surface that the resinous coatings can bond too. It takes off the top layer of concrete leaving behind a surface that resembles 60 grit sand paper. These open pores allow the floor coating to penetrate deep into the surface and create a strong bond. Proper preparation of the floor ensures the longevity and success of the floor coating.

Some contractors may rush through the installation of resin neglecting to grind down the existing floors. This is a huge mistake! This costly mistake will require a replacement of the floors later on. Don’t lose your client’s future business by wasting their money, time, profitability, and losing their trust. Prepping the concrete with diamond grinding is the best way to guarantee the floors are installed properly!

Diamond grinding is a necessary part of installing any floors and ensuring that they are smooth, beautiful, and long lasting. Invest in flooring that can be enjoyed for generations, diamond grind the concrete before you install!