Maintain clean ability while still having a textured surface to minimize slips by installing V-Grip in V-8 Floor Coating systems. This fine translucent grip additive provides added traction without taking away from the appearance or clean ability of the finished seamless floor coating. The low density and low weight of V-Grip ensures that the V-Grip maintains suspension and doesn’t sink into the coating rendering it useless like heavier grip additives such as aluminum oxide. V-Grip is recommended for areas that are frequently damp or wet, see ice and snow, or extra traction is desired. Some applications for V-Grip are: damp areas, stairs, inclines, unloading areas, walkways, garages, and more.


  • Added grip and traction in finished floor
  • Maintains clean ability
  • Low weight and density prevents sinking of grip
  • Translucent appearance doesn’t take away from look of the floor