When it comes to installing epoxy floor coating of any kind, professionals know that prep work is everything. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems stresses this fact in all their certified contractor training courses, ensuring that their installers always achieve maximum quality.

But what if installers could cut down on prep time without sacrificing quality?

Xtreme has partnered with Xingyi Machine USA to add their state-of-the-art equipment to their product inventory. Among the new additions are machines capable of remote control and even auto-pilot.

With over 23 years of experience in the floor coating and cement polishing industry, Xtreme knows quality products when they see them. In those 23 years, over 50 million square feet of product has been installed by certified installers, and now they’re left wondering how much time could have been saved if they had gotten their hands on Xingyi equipment earlier.

What Does Xingyi Machine USA Offer?

The HTG-820RC is a large platform planetary grinder, with a shocking trick up its sleeve. Equipped with advanced remote control and an autopilot system, this high production machine can run without the continuous influence of an operator.

the Xingyi HTG-820RC

Xingyi’s dedication to improvement and innovation led them to develop the first autopilot system introduced to the global market. This advancement caught the attention of Xtreme -who share the same passion for innovation and industry leadership.

The feature allows a single operator to run two machine set ups, decreasing time by as much as 50%. Check out this video for a demonstration from Xingyi on the benefits of autopilot. With these features and more, Xingyi equipment is sure to improve productivity and costs on the job site.

Even more shocking than the advanced features provided by Xingyi Machine USA is the equipment pricing. Basing production overseas while leaving technical customer support in the US, Xingyi can keep a low cost while ensuring excellent end-user quality and responsive support. Some machines are nearly 50% of the cost of their competitors and offer the same quality and reliability.

For Xtreme crews and independent contractors alike, this means lower prices up front, with a high earning potential. Now through the end of the year, shop with Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems and save when you bundle Xingyi equipment. Make sure to take advantage of Tax Section 179 for added benefits when purchasing.

What About Smaller Projects?

The HTG-820RC is a large machine, ideal for jobs of 10,000 square feet or more. But for contractors who work in residential settings or smaller commercial projects, Xingyi USA has an expansive line of equipment for all size jobs.

For medium-sized projects around 6,000 square feet, the HTG-680 is an excellent option. Its self-propelled system allows the machine to easily be operated without nearly as much physical exertion as its traditional counterparts.

In a concrete polishing demonstration carried out at Xtreme Floor Systems, operators pushed and turned the machine with one hand, praising the ease of use. Combined with Xtreme’s proven step-by-step guide, a Xingyi machine is sure to leave lasting impressions at every job site.

For more information, check out the online store on www.v8floorcoatings.com or visit the 20,000 square foot showroom and store in Hudsonville, Michigan for a live demonstration.