If you get a call this fall or winter for a quote on a new garage floor, there’s no need to stall the homeowner—or your work crew or your sales income.

Bid on the garage floor project and install it with confidence. Our V-8 Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough) and 6.0 Epoxy Floor Coatings can be applied in as little as one day and weather as cold as 0°F.

You get one more source for potential late-year revenue. Meanwhile, the homeowner benefits from a new, chemical-resistant and non-absorbent garage floor that:

  • Repels melting ice, road salt and snow.
  • Easily sweeps and mops clean of dust and debris.
  • Presents a more attractive appearance, even if just a clearcoat.
  • Extends the life of the concrete by preventing corrosion and degradation.

The qualities of V-8 Floor Coatings gain greater value when you consider that, for many, a garage does extra duty beyond vehicle storage.

Homeowners often use their garages as workshops, play spaces, party areas and/or man caves. They appreciate the utility and beauty of a professionally applied, V-8 resin floor—no matter when it’s installed!

V-8 Floor Coatings are only available to V-8 Certified Installers.

These contractors have undergone our comprehensive training, gained certification and now enjoy our ongoing support. It may be time to take your floor coating business to the next level by becoming a V-8 Certified Installer. See what a few of our Certified Installers have to say:

“It’s a game changer!” – Ken

“With XTender, my smaller crew now has no problem keeping up with Hybrid XT!” – Dan

“We love it, especially with the high temps and humidity we’ve had the last few weeks!” – Matt


V-8 High Performance Floors: A product line of seamless floor coatings, specially developed to deliver more.

For reasons including greater quality, durability, and value, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems formulated its own, unique line of resinous coating systems, which create an easy-to-clean, non-porous surface. Using expertise gained in decades of successful applications across all industries, they created V-8 High Performance Floors, a tried and proven seamless resin floor coating product line. Whether you’re looking for commercial epoxy flooring, garage floor coatings, industrial epoxy floor coatings or other flooring solutions, customer satisfaction is never left to chance. V-8 High Performance Floors’ product line is available and installed only by V-8 Certified Installers, trained by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems to apply resinous floors even in the most challenging conditions. Xtreme helps V-8 Certified Installers achieve success with a time-tested business model which includes products, equipment, consumables, and marketing.