Are hot summer temps and/or high humidity speeding up drying times? Maybe you’re working on a larger floor than you’re used to? Or perhaps your crew is shorthanded?

With most epoxy flooring applications, time (i.e., speed) is money! But on many projects, you’ll appreciate a few extra minutes of working time.

The solution? Our V-8 XTender. Offered in 1-gallon jugs, this V-8 Hybrid XT Floor Coating Slow Down Additive can give you up to 20 minutes of extra working time on the job site (@75°F 50% humidity).


It’s remarkably easy to work with on the job.

At its low cost-per-gallon, it’s well worth keeping a few extra jugs of XTender on hand in your truck or trailer. Bring it out for those moments when you need more working time:

  • Mix it with Hybrid XT Part B whenever you anticipate needing extra minutes.
  • Use it with any one coat, several coats, or all the coats; it’s up to you,
  • Vary the % added into the Part B mix to adjust your working times.
  • Refer to the mixing chart on the jug for fast, on-the-job reference.
  • Enjoy low odors compared to solvents.


V-8 XTender is only available to V-8 Certified Installers.

These contractors have undergone our comprehensive training, gained certification and now enjoy our ongoing support. It may be time to take your floor coating business to the next level by becoming a V-8 Certified Installer. See what a few of our Certified Installers have to say:

“It’s a game changer!” – Ken

“With XTender, my smaller crew now has no problem keeping up with Hybrid XT!” – Dan

“We love it, especially with the high temps and humidity we’ve had the last few weeks!” – Matt


V-8 High Performance Floors: A product line of seamless floor coatings, specially developed to deliver more.

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