When Trevor Hoekstra and Alec Kokales were searching for a new revenue opportunity, concrete floor coatings quickly came to mind.

The business partners operated a successful auto paint and body repair company. So, they were familiar with epoxy coatings. Equally important, they knew of the importance of prepping a surface before any application.

They soon formed Kalamazoo Concrete Coatings with Alec taking the lead on the new venture.


The V-8 High Performance Floors training opportunity.

In the midst of the Pandemic, Alec was having trouble sourcing materials. An online search led them to Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems.

They produce their own, unique line of U.S.-manufactured V-8 High Performance Floor Coatings. The company also offered training that could help a contractor to become a V-8 Certified Installer.

“Along with an employee, I completed online courses on floor coatings, concrete polishing, line striping and more,” said Alec. “The company’s pros were always there to answer questions and coach us through the program.”

“When pouring and laying floors, so much can go wrong. V-8’s training helps you get it right the first time. By applying their proven techniques, you can sidestep costly fixes and time-consuming do-overs.”


Exclusive territories: Another “plus” to V-8’s certification.

Upon gaining certification, Kalamazoo Concrete Coatings was awarded its own territory by V-8. With it comes a steady stream of sales leads for residential and commercial jobs.

“They refer us to prospects who’ve expressed strong interest in a new floor,” said Alec. “In addition, they provide us with marketing materials and product samples that establish our expertise and help make the sale.”

“The V-8 Certification helps, of course. Prospects must often choose between several potential suppliers. If you can show that you’re a trained contractor, it often makes a difference.”


The benefits of V-8’s online portal for contractors.

On its website, V-8 maintains a password-protected portal for the sole use of Certified Installers.

“There’s an online calculator that lets us enter the square footage of any project,” said Alec. “We get an accurate reading on the quantities of V-8 Floor Coating materials we’ll need. This helps with our cost quotations.”

“The many videos posted on the portal are also useful. Sometimes we’re asked to quote on a floor that we don’t often install. The tutorials get us up to speed so we can bid confidently.”


A final word on the advantages of V-8 Certification.

“There are a lot of new start-ups in the flooring business,” said Alec. “Our status as a Certified Installer is often cited by customers as the deciding factor on being awarded a project.”

“As for V-8, their combination of quality flooring products, comprehensive training and ongoing support makes them an ideal resource. I couldn’t imagine a better partner.”


V-8 High Performance Floors: A product line of seamless floor coatings, specially developed to deliver more.

For reasons including greater quality, durability and value, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems formulated its own, unique line of resinous coating systems, which create an easy-to-clean, non-porous surface. Using expertise gained in decades of successful applications across all industries, they created V-8 High Performance Floors, a tried and proven seamless resin floor coating product line. Whether you’re looking for commercial epoxy flooring, garage floor coatings, industrial epoxy floor coatings or other flooring solutions, customer satisfaction is never left to chance. V-8 Floor installations are performed only by V-8 Certified Installers, trained by Xtreme Systems to apply resinous floors even in the most challenging conditions. Xtreme helps V-8 Certified Installers achieve success with a time-tested business model which includes products, equipment and other consumables.