Each basement has a different use depending on the homeowner. It might only be used as storage, or it could be an extra living space with the big screen TV and surround sound, or you might furnish the area for guests. Regardless of how you set up your basement, one thing needs to present in any scenario, and that’s a durable basement floor.

V-8 High-Performance floors can give you a durable, long-lasting floor with either our Hybrid XT resinous coating or with the 6.0 High-Performance epoxy. Both can be installed quickly and without any strong odors, and will give you a robust and easy-to-clean floor.

Better yet, each option can look good, too! Our platinum powder pigment can be added to either floor coating and results in a shiny, metallic floor with unique qualities.

Installers can add to the design of the coating by utilizing different techniques for say a crater look or a smooth look. Plus, there are nearly 50 different colors and styles from which to choose.

Stop waiting for the right time to upgrade your basement flooring, because that time is now. Call V-8 High-Performance Floors at 1-800-234-8208 to schedule your professional flooring installation.