The look of an old floor stands out: dirt, stains, cracks, discoloration. These are all unwanted outcomes when all you want for your home or business is a floor that looks like new, even years after it has been installed. So if a yellow floor has got you red in the face, it may be time for a change.

What causes that yellowing? Discoloration and yellowing is a chemical reaction. Flooring surfaces respond to contact with light, heat, or other substances over time. Commonly this can be done by the sun’s UV rays, which subtly change the composition of a flooring surface. The heat from UV rays slowly affects the floor surface, hardening the surface as low heat absorption causes chemicals to be released and discolors the floor.

Surface contact with other substances can also cause yellowing. Every piece of matter in the universe has a chemical makeup. The varying stability levels allow interaction between synthetic materials when they come in contact with one another. For instance, the soles of shoes repeatedly walking in a similar traffic pattern can cause flooring discoloration.

Discoloration can also come from the bottom up. On a hard flooring surface, such as vinyl or wood, improper installation can allow old adhesives, moisture, and even mold to be absorbed through the flooring causing a discoloration.

V-8 High-Performance Floors’ industrial-strength, durable, and easy to clean Hybrid XT floors will never fade or yellow. We have developed a line of color-stable coating systems that eliminate concerns about flooring discoloration when using Hybrid XT.

For color-stable flooring that is durable, beautiful, easy to clean, and most importantly UV resistant, call the flooring experts at V-8 High-Performance Flooring today at 1-800-234-8208.