Xtreme Clean (Neutral Cleaner)

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Keep your V-8 seamless floor coating or X-Shine polished concrete floor looking great by following our maintenance instructions and using our Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Floor Cleaner. This highly concentrated, versatile cleaner is formulated to take on a wide range of cleaning jobs. It is able to quickly power off even stubborn soils and greases from any surface not harmed by water.

Designed for cleaning and brightening polished concrete and floor coatings, this Neutral pH cleaner is easy to use. Xtreme Clean’s easy to use measured pump on our one gallon bottles make measuring the proper dilution for use in a mop bucket, or auto scrubber / floor scrubber a breeze. Xtreme Clean is also available in boxes of 4 gallons, and 55 gallon drums for use with pumps, portion control devices, or power washers.


  • Maintain and clean polished concrete and floor coatings (as well as traditional hard surfaces like VCT, tile, hardwoods, and more)
  • Powerful neutral cleaner
  • Concentrated cleaner saves on freight, inventory, handling, and storage costs
  • 1oz measured pump for ease of use

Product Documents

Safety Data Sheets

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Ingredient disclosure:

IngredientCAS #
Ethoxylated Alcohol160875-66-1
Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether34590-94-8
Tetrasodium iminodisuccinate144538-83-0
Alcohols, C12-13, ethoxylated66455-14-9
Lauramine Oxide1643-20-5
Citric Acid Solution77-92-9

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Xtreme Clean Sizes

1 Gallon bottle w/ pump, box of 4 (1) gallon bottles, 55 Gallon Drum

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