The new innovative design of the US Saws one man polymer pump saves labor by allowing one person to control the position of the pump with one hand and fill the joints with the other. It features a “T” handle allowing operation by either a left or right handed person. This “One Man Pump” allows other workers to handle other tasks while one person is filling joints. The new design also makes it easier for the the pump operator as he knows exactly where the pump should be and where it needs to go next. No more running over wet floor joints. The strapped on waste bucket makes those little drips on the floor a thing of the past. The operator simply holds the mixing tip over the bucket while transporting the pump to get set up for his next run. The storage space will fully accommodate a Honda EU1000i generator or a deep cycle battery and inverter for cord free operation. The 6.5 gallon tanks allow for a full 5 gallon bucket of joint filler to be loaded with room to spare. The semi-transparent polyethylene tanks allow the operator to monitor fluid level on the fly. They are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace. A new “spill cover” protects the motor and floor from dripped or spilled materials. No more wiping up spots on the floor of uncured resin with acetone and rags. The “One Man Pump” is a new, more efficient way to utilize labor while filling joints on large and small projects.  


  • The New Design of this joint fill pump allows for one person operation  
  • The unit comes standard with a 1:1 component ratio, but a 2:1 component ratio is available  
  • Lower tanks makes filling easier  
  • Dedicated storage area for generator or battery  
  • Waste bucket holder for less drips on the floor 
  • Enclosed box for tool storage 
  • Use deep cycle battery & inverter, or small generator for cord free operation