Pairing V-8’s 6.0 High Performance Epoxy (100% solids) and our self-leveling system part C creates a glass smooth glossy floor that features industrial strength and durability. This system is developed with demanding high traffic and industrial type settings in mind. It features superior impact resistance, chemical resistance, and overnight return to service. Self-Leveling Part C is mixed with 6.0 HP Epoxy to create an easy to work with slurry that self-levels as it is applied. It can be used to resurface eroded, pitted, or slightly un level concrete. Available in 40 pound bags.


  • Easy to work with
  • Self-Levels
  • Resurface worn, pitted, eroded, etc. concrete
  • Durable glass smooth surface
  • Easy to use ratios (40 pound bag to 3 gallons of epoxy)