HD-PC (Heavy Duty Polyurethane Concrete)

V-8 High Performance Floors HD-PC represents the new generation of polyurethane concrete coating technology. These Bio-Based flooring systems utilize domestically produced soy bean oil and environmentally friendly packaging.
V-8 HD-PC is a Heavy-Duty seamless flooring system typically installed at 3/16 or (1/4 inches when broadcasted into for added durability) finished thickness. HD-PC is tough and withstands thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposures. HD-PC offers various surface profiles to meet individual project requirements. HD-PC is formulated with a natural additive to be resistant to Fungi Growth per the industry standard ASTM G-21 and resists the growth of bacteria.

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  • Seamless, hygienic finish; no grout joints
  • Heavy duty impact & abrasion resistant surface
  • Low odor, fast installation, fast cure
  • Thermal shock & chemical resistant
  • High Temperature Resistance – Up to 200°F* (varies with filler bag type & topcoats)
  • Anti-slip surface, meets ADA recommendations
  • Resistant to moisture vapor transmission (MVT)
  • Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21
  • Resists the growth of bacteria

Kit includes: 5 gallons Part A HD-PC; 5 gallons Part B HD-PC; 5 bags filler; 5 powdered pigments

Don’t Forget: Xtra Time additive and encapsulated sand

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Weight 800 oz

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