• High Impact

    V-8’s High Impact is an industrial strength concrete patching material that features exceptional strength and durability. This two component polymer comes packaged with aggregate for patching and repairing concrete. It excels in the industrial repairing of spalled concrete, holes, cracks, and thresholds or uneven concrete slabs. High Impact is a fast setting patching material that can be used to patch many types of damage in concrete, and can also be used to patch areas in concrete that will be polished using the X-Shine Concrete Polishing System. Advantages:
    • Quick Cure
    • Extremely Strong
    • Can be polished
    • Contains aggregate for added strength and appearance
    • Great for patching deeper / larger holes
  • V-Cove 4 inch pre molded cove
    Create an extremely easy to clean seamless floor that extends up the wall by utilizing V-8’s V-Cove. The pre-formed cove creates a consistent and beautiful transition from the floor to the wall. Attach The V-Cove with Fast Patch and coat with any of V-8’s coating systems for an industrial strength, uniform and functional transition. 4’ straight sections, and inside and outside corners available. 4” V-Cove is our stocked item, but 1”, 6”, and 8” V-Cove are available for special order. Advantages:
    • Easy to install
    • Quicker than hand troweling & saves labor!
    • Easy to clean – Meets & exceeds all environmental health department sanitary code requirements
    • Uniform & consistent
    • Industrial Strength
  • V-8’s Fast Patch is a fast setting strong patching material for patching holes, voids, divots, and irregularities in concrete or wood prior to installing a seamless V-8 High Performance Floor Coating system. Fast Patch’s 100% solids epoxy formula allows for quick patching, as well as use as a strong adhesive for our V-Cove system which allows the coating to seamlessly extend 4 inches up the wall. Advantages:
    • Installs quickly with minimal time required for recoating
    • Fills and seals holes or irregularities in concrete or wood substrates
    • Quick set time
    • Reduces out gassing
    • Creates a smoother floor
    • Extremely strong patches
  • JF-85 from Solid Solution Products is a self-leveling, 100% solids, aromatic two-component polyurea joint filler. JF-85 is designed for 15-25% movement of an installed joint width. A minimum of 28 days is recommended for concrete to effectively cure prior to installing joint filler. JF-85 can be used to fill interior random cracks, control joints or new construction joints on horizontal concrete surfaces.
    • Rapid Cure
    • 1:1 Mix Ratio
    • 100% Solids
    • No VOCs
    • 75+ Shore A Harness
    • Suitable for -40°F to 200°F+ conditions
    • Will Not Smear
    • Moderate Elongation
    Available in 600ml cartridges or 10 gallon kits  
  • Maintain clean ability while still having a textured surface to minimize slips by installing V-Grip in V-8 Floor Coating systems. This fine translucent grip additive provides added traction without taking away from the appearance or clean ability of the finished seamless floor coating. The low density and low weight of V-Grip ensures that the V-Grip maintains suspension and doesn’t sink into the coating rendering it useless like heavier grip additives such as aluminum oxide. V-Grip is recommended for areas that are frequently damp or wet, see ice and snow, or extra traction is desired. Some applications for V-Grip are: damp areas, stairs, inclines, unloading areas, walkways, garages, and more. Advantages:
    • Added grip and traction in finished floor
    • Maintains clean ability
    • Low weight and density prevents sinking of grip
    • Translucent appearance doesn’t take away from look of the floor

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