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V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System Installed on Washington IN Garage Floor

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Washington, IN

Installing a floor coating on your Washington IN garage floor requires much more than just the willingness to do it. Specifically, for long term results, the installer needs to possess the proper prep equipment, high performance coating products, training, and installation knowledge.

This EXACTLY why this Washington, Indiana homeowner was confident in hiring the Local Certified V-8 Installer for their 560 square foot garage floor coating project.


First, the concrete was prepped by diamond grinding. Even new concrete needs to be prepped. In addition to flattening the surface, grinding the concrete helps to remove the weakest layer of concrete. Furthermore, grinding opens the pores of the concrete so that the coating can penetrate and ensure a good bond. To illustrate how the coatings bond to the concrete is achieved, picture the roots of a tree holding it firmly into the ground.

Second, any imperfections in the concrete are patched using V-8’s fast setting patching materials. In this instance, Fast Patch was used. To elaborate, Fast Patch is an epoxy based patching material that can be ground flush in as little as 20 minutes.

Third, the V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System was installed by the local Certified V-8 Installer. The industrial strength 4 coat system can be installed in as little as 1 day (like it was here). In addition to being extremely durable, the Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System is also decorative and there are many colors available. Since it matched their cars and house, this homeowner chose to have the V-900 color installed in the 1/4″ size.

Finally, after about 48 hours at 70°F, this Washington IN garage floor was returned to service. Granted, it can be open to light foot traffic much sooner. In other words, the homeowner could still use the garage during that first 48 hours, but was encouraged to wait for heavy traffic and vehicles.

Project Details


Residential Garage


V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System

Vinyl Chip Color: V-900 in 1/4″ Size

Washington IN Garage Floor Project Gallery

Washington IN garage floor installed with V-8 products
Prepping the concrete in garage
Grinding concrete on Washington IN garage floor
V-900 vinyl chip color in 1/4" size

Why V-8’s Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System for a Washington IN garage floor?

V-8 Hybrid XT floor coating resin is Xtra Tough. Because it was designed to be so tough and durable, you can be confident it will last on your Washing IN garage floor. To elaborate, it is a top-tier industrial strength epoxy flooring product. Furthermore, Hybrid XT has a proven 20+ year track record on millions of square feet of floors. The reason for this success is due to its unique formulation that separates it from other lower grade polyaspartics and epoxy coatings on the market.

Some of the many reasons to install Hybrid XT on your Washington IN garage floor:

  • No VOCs (harsh chemical smell) during installation
  • Long lasting finish
  • Will not yellow – Even outside!
  • Glossy finish that can be top coated with a satin or matte finish
  • Durability and strength proven over 20+ years
  • Industrial strength formulation
  • 100% solids hybrid coating
  • Can be used for many different decorative floor coating systems
  • Only installed by Certified V-8 Installers

Is a floor coating the best Washington IN garage floor option?

No hot tire pickup –

When tires come off the road and park on a garage floor they are hot. Likewise, as they sit they cool down rapidly. During the cool down, the rubber compound and foot print of the tire actually contracts. Due to the weight of the vehicle, and size of the tire, this contracting can actually pull off a weaker cheap epoxy floor. When the car backs out of the garage, the coating is stuck to the tire and the force rips it right off. This is known as “hot tire pickup“.

Hot tire pick up isn’t a concern on a properly installed V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System. This is due to several reasons. First, Hybrid XT achieves a very strong bond with the prepped concrete. Second, The 4 coat system creates a much thicker floor than the 2 coat system that many garage coating companies install. Third, Hybrid XT has excellent elongation properties. This is important because it allows the floor’s topcoat to accommodate for the thermal expansion and contraction of the tire. In fact, Hybrid XT has been installed for years in MANY airplane hangars where the heavy planes are coming in off the tarmac.

Chemical resistant –

Garages have the potential to see many different chemicals spilled or leaked onto the surface. For example, road salt, ice melt, oil, antifreeze, and gas are commonly found on garage floors. These spills aren’t likely to stop once a floor coating is installed. However, having an extremely chemical resistant Hybrid XT floor means that spills will be extremely easy to clean. Furthermore, most common chemicals in garages won’t leave a trace or stain behind on a Hybrid XT floor. On the contrary, many epoxy garage surfaces can’t say the same.

Easy to clean-

Garages see a lot of traffic and can be dirty and messy. For instance, cars park and drip, kids are in and out, vehicles leak, and tools are dropped . Luckily, seamless and non-porous coatings from V-8 are extremely easy to clean. In fact, spills don’t penetrate into the flooring, which makes them easy to wipe up. Furthermore, routine cleaning is extremely easy with a mop, clean water, and our recommended cleaner. In conclusion, a V-8 Vinyl Chip System will keep your Washington IN garage floor looking great!

Durable –

V-8 High Performance Floors’ coatings are industrial strength and are formulated to last. In fact, the Hybrid XT and other coating products installed by Certified V-8 Installers on Washington IN garage floors are the same products that haven proven themselves on millions of square feet of Fortune 500 companies’ floors. For example, some of these areas include: service garages, dealerships, oil changes, car washes, gas stations, truck stops and more.

Versatile –

Our floor coatings are versatile enough for any space in your home. Whether it is a living space, pole barn, basement, utility room, or other space, we have a decorative flooring system that will perform!


There are many decorative systems and colors available to make sure your garage floor matches the design and aesthetic of your home. In fact, vinyl chip blends can even be customized. Because of the many options, you can pick your favorite sports teams colors, something natural, or something wild. Furthermore, the vinyl chips come in several different sizes allowing for even more looks.

Why choose a local Certified V-8 Installer as your Washington IN garage floor coating contractor?

Local Certified V-8 Installers in Southern Indiana have gone through our Certification process. Completing our certification process gives access to many things that will ensure a long lasting garage floor. For example, some things that separate our Certified V-8 Installers are: on-going training, industry V-8 leading products, access to required surface preparation equipment, and most importantly top-tier technical support from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. In conclusion, Certified V-8 Installers are the right choice for your Washington IN garage floor project.

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