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V-8 Epoxy Flooring at Sioux Falls Indoor Dog Park

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APPLICATION: This dog park in Sioux Falls shows what can be done with epoxy flooring using V-8 High Performance Floor’s products! The goal of this epoxy floor was to create an area that will last, has traction for the wet dog feet, and looks great. Because of these goals, several custom colored textured epoxy systems were installed by the local Certified V-8 Installer.

The pictures shown were taken over a year after this indoor dog park opened. During this time, dogs have played and run on this partially submerged area constantly. The 6.0 High Performance epoxy has once again shown it’s durability and versatility in this Sioux Falls application.

Project Details


Indoor Dog Park


Decorative V-8 6.0 High Performance Epoxy Floor Coating with texture

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Epoxy Flooring for Sioux Falls Dog Park

Why V-8 6.0 HP Epoxy for Sioux Falls commercial flooring?

6.0 High Performance Epoxy flooring will last in your Sioux Falls business. It is a top-tier industrial strength epoxy flooring product. It has a proven track record on millions of square feet of floors. The reason for this success is because its unique formulation separates it from other lower grade epoxies on the market.

Some of the many reasons to install 6.0 High Performance Epoxy Flooring in your Sioux Falls business:

  • No VOCs (harsh chemical smell) during installation
  • Long lasting epoxy finish
  • Enhanced UV Resistance
  • Glossy finish that can be top coated with satin or matte finish
  • Proven durability and strength
  • Industrial strength formulation
  • 100% solids epoxy
  • Can be used for many different decorative epoxy flooring systems
  • Only installed by Certified V-8 Installers

Is an epoxy coating the best flooring option for a Sioux Falls business?

Doesn’t hold smells –

When thinking of animal care facilities, many people think the tell-tale animal smell from accidents. Quite often, the lingering smell is permeating from porous surfaces that can absorb and hold the smell and are difficult to clean. Epoxy flooring is ideal for areas like this. The reason is because the seamless and non-porous hard surface doesn’t allow bacteria and mildew to penetrate the surface. Because of this, accidents are easily wiped up and cleaned.

Seamless –

The proper installation of a 2 part epoxy floor creates a chemically bonded seamless floor. The coating can even seamlessly go up the wall! The biggest advantages of a seamless epoxy floor is that there are no joints, grout lines, or seams. These areas typically collect dirt, bacteria, and spills.

Easy to clean-

Dog parks are messy. Dogs are excited, and running around. Seamless and non-porous epoxy floors from V-8 are extremely easy to clean. Accidents don’t penetrate into the flooring, making them easy to wipe up. Routine cleaning is extremely easy with a mop, clean water, and our recommended cleaner. An epoxy floor will keep your Sioux Falls business looking great!

Durable –

V-8 High Performance Floors’ coating products are industrial strength and are formulated to last. The epoxy and other coatings installed by the local Certified V-8 Installer in Sioux Falls businesses are the same products that haven proven themselves on millions of square feet of Fortune 500 companies’ floors. These spaces include factories, warehouses, commercial spaces, airplane hangars, and more.

Versatile –

Our epoxy floors are versatile enough for any space in your business. Whether it is a dog park, office, bathroom, kitchen, or other space, we have an epoxy system that will perform and look great!


There are many different epoxy systems and colors available to make sure your epoxy floor matches the design and aesthetic of your business.

Why choose a local Certified V-8 Installer as your Sioux Falls epoxy flooring contractor?

Local Certified V-8 Installers in Sioux Falls have gone through our V-8 Certification process. Completing our certification process gives access to many things that will ensure a long lasting floor. A few of the things that separate our Certified V-8 Installers are: installation training, our industry leading products, the best surface preparation equipment, and most importantly top of the line technical support from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. Our Certified V-8 Installers are your go to epoxy flooring contractors for Sioux Falls businesses.

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