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Residential one day floor coating that looks like polished concrete

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Grand Rapids, MI

BACKGROUND: After doing many hours of research, the owners of this new home  in Grand Rapids, MI had decided that they wanted the look of a salt and pepper  polished concrete floor. However, they wanted that look to come with the benefits of a V-8 High Performance Floor Coating. They had checked out many local epoxy installers, but after learning of the benefits of V-8’s Hybrid XT resin, and the polished concrete vinyl chip blends, the local Certified V-8 Coating Contractor in Grand Rapids was the only choice.

APPLICATION: The floor was ready to be coated soon after the concrete was poured. The decision was made by the local Certified V-8 Coating Contractor in Grand Rapids to apply V-8’s REV M.V.P. epoxy for the basecoat. This was done because the epoxy formulation of REV allows it to be applied to new concrete in as little as 24 hours without concern of issues arising from moisture. The floor was prepared mechanically by shotblasting. After the concrete was shotblasted, the V-8 REV M.V.P. epoxy was applied and V-8’s Salt & Pepper Vinyl Chip Blend B was broadcast. The vinyl chip blend broadcast into the epoxy was chosen because of it’s unique blend that mimics the aggregates and concrete colors found in a polished concrete floor.

V-8 REV M.V.P. is a faster curing epoxy, so the V-8 Hybrid XT topcoats were still able to be applied in the same day. The combination of these 2 resinous floor coatings created a durable industrial strength floor that can handle up to 22 lbs. of moisture vapor pressure, will not yellow with UV exposure, can be installed in one day, and is extremely easy to clean.

Thanks to the quick installation of the floor coating, the owners of this Grand Rapids home were able to move back into their home the next day and work was able to resume on the rest of the house.

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Residential home


Residential floor coating

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"Salt & Pepper" blends to resemble polished concrete
Polished Concrete floor coating
Salt & Pepper vinyl chip blend

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