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V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System Installed on Grand Rapids Garage Floor

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APPLICATION: This homeowner wanted an easy to clean floor that looks great and could be installed quickly. With this in mind, the V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System was recommended by our local Certified V-8 Installer. The Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System can be installed in as little as one day. In addition, this system is designed to be industrial strength, is UV stable and offers an easy to clean non-porous surface.

The concrete was shotblasted in preparation for the coating on this Grand Rapids garage floor. As a result, the surface bond between the concrete and coating is optimized ensuring long term performance. Next, the 4 coat Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System installation began.  To conclude, V-Grip (non-slip additive) was added to the topcoat.

Project Details


Residential Garage Floor


V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip floor coating system

Grand Rapids Garage Floor Project Gallery

Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip System in Garage
V-8 High Performance Floor Coating in Garage
Before prepping the concrete for coating

Why V-8 High Performance Floor Coatings for Grand Rapids garage floors?

These products were originally designed for high traffic industrial and commercial areas. As a result, V-8 High Performance Floors products will last in your Grand Rapids garage. They have a proven track record on millions of square feet of floors. The reason for this success is because our unique formulations separate our resins from other lower grade epoxies and coatings on the market.

Some of the many reasons to install V-8 High Performance Floors in your Grand Rapids garage:

  • No VOCs (harsh chemical smell) during installation
  • Long lasting finish with optional clear V-grip additive in topcoat
  • Easy-To-Clean
  • UV Stable – Our Hybrid XT will not amber over time. Even outside!
  • Fast installation – Up to 4 coats can be installed in 1 day!
  • Proven durability and strength – No hot tire pickup!
  • Industrial strength formulation & proven system
  • Treatments available for cracks, spalling, and damaged concrete
  • Many different colors available
  • Only installed by Certified V-8 Installers

Is a coating the best flooring option for a Grand Rapids garage?

Chemical resistant – Holds up to Michigan Winters –

Garages see a lot of different chemicals throughout their lives. Including: oil, antifreeze, and many other common chemicals. In addition, Midwest garages are exposed to snow melting chemicals and salt. V-8 High Performance Floors’ coatings are chemical resistant, and protect your concrete against salt damage.

Seamless –

The proper installation of a 2 part floor coating creates a chemically bonded seamless floor. In addition, the coating can even seamlessly go up the wall! The biggest advantages of a seamless floor is that there are no joints, grout lines, or seams. These areas typically collect dirt, bacteria, and spills. However, control joints and expansion joints may be left open in garages in areas with freeze, thaw cycles to allow for movement in the concrete.

Easy to clean-

Garages can be messy. For instance: cars pull in off the road, doors get left open, kids are playing, snow is melting. In contrast, seamless and non-porous coated garage floors from V-8 are extremely easy to clean. Spills don’t penetrate into the flooring, making them easy to wipe up. Routine cleaning is extremely easy with a mop, clean water, and our recommended cleaner. To make it even easier, garages can often be hosed down and excess water squeegeed out the door. A V-8 High Performance Floor will keep your Grand Rapids garage looking great!

Durable –

V-8 High Performance Floors’ coating products are industrial strength and are formulated to last. The coatings installed by Certified V-8 Installers in Grand Rapids garages are the same products that haven proven themselves on millions of square feet of Fortune 500 companies’ floors. Factories, warehouses, commercial spaces, and airplane hangars are a few examples of the types of spaces.

Versatile –

Our V-8 floors are versatile enough for any space in your home. Whether it is a garage, basement, living space, or other space, we have a floor coating system that will perform and look great!


There are many different systems and colors available to make sure your new garage floor matches the design and aesthetic of your home.

Why choose a local Certified V-8 Installer as your Grand Rapids garage flooring contractor?

Local Certified V-8 Installers have gone through our Certification process. Completing our certification process gives access to many things that will lead to a long lasting garage floor installation. To list a few of the things that separate our Certified V-8 Installers are: installation training, our industry leading products, the best surface preparation equipment, and most importantly top of the line technical support from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. In summary, our Certified V-8 Installers are your go to Grand Rapids garage floor contractors.

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