After years of experience in the epoxy coating industry, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems still had not found a quality product that lived up to their expectations. So, V-8 High Performance Floors was born; a whole product line meticulously formulated and tested by Xtreme to exceed every standard.

One of the stars of the product line was the revolutionary Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough). This resinous, industrial strength flooring compound is made of a unique hybrid polyaspartic polyurea formulation.

One of the most shocking benefits of Hybrid XT’s unique chemical design is that it is 100% VOC free.

What Are VOCs?

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are present in many -if not most- resinous flooring products. They are typically gaseous by-products of many chemical agents, and can be dangerous or even lethal in certain situations.

One of the main chemical features that makes Hybrid XT VOC free is that it is 100% solids. This means that no gaseous ingredients are used in the creation or mixing process, and therefore there are no gases to escape.

For many years, VOCs were an unavoidable hassle in the coating industry. When working with products that contain VOCs, proper ventilation and respiratory protection is required for all installers and anyone else on site.

What may cause an even greater barrier is the downtime for the customer. For an industrial installation, a factory may have to shut down an entire line for multiple days for the product to be installed. This can mean hundreds of thousands in lost revenue for customers.

With Hybrid XT, the area is completely safe for all personnel, and no respiratory protection is needed. The unique formula also sets up quickly, making one-day installations a standard procedure, and allowing a lightning-fast return to service for customers. In fact, well equipped crews under ideal conditions have finished 2500 square foot decorative chip jobs in one day.

During V-8 Certified Contractor trainings, countless contractors, some with years of experience, are shocked at the lack of smell when installing Hybrid XT. Even in the enclosed warehouse where demonstrations take place, there is no need to open any doors or wear respiratory equipment.

How is Hybrid XT so Unique?

Hybrid XT’s unique chemical composition brings more than just one advantage. As the name suggests, the hybrid mixture of polyaspartic and polyurea makes it an endlessly reliable and versatile product. Hybrid XT can also be used in any 6 of Xtreme’s flooring systems. For contractor this means one product that can do it all.

But how does Hybrid XT hold up to the test of time? You may be thinking that the lack of VOCs indicates a weaker bond or a less intense chemical reaction. Due to years of research and tweaks, Hybrid XT has incredible adhesion power when installed correctly.

What about strength? Just like all V-8 High Performance Floors products, industrial strength is standard. When Xtreme’s 7 step installation process is used, Hybrid XT can withstand the toughest environments.

Even when used on an outdoor installation, Hybrid XT will not yellow. It has been purposefully crafted to resist UV exposure and retain its clear color year after year.

To learn more about Hybrid XT and the rest of the V-8 High Performance Floors line, and how they can improve your next epoxy coating project give us a call at 1-800-8208!